2017-05-03 / Letters

Will gladly pay fee

Dear Editor:

Your recent editorial entitled “Fee Will Cost Parks More In the End,” failed to offer the other reality that is facing our beautiful West Virginia State Parks, which is the current revenue shortfall within the State Park system. My guess is if you were to ask any West Virginia resident if they wanted to preserve the natural beauty of our State Parks their answer would be an overwhelming “yes.” So, with shrinking budgets and expanding needs, how do we do that? Your editorial seems to suggest just doing the same thing we have always done and somehow expecting different results.

That is what Einstein and others call “insanity.” Something had to be done. And when you compare the prices with our neighboring states in Virginia and Maryland, as I have, you will see the modest $2 per vehicle or $12 per year is a down right bargain. These other states charge fees because they work and allow the state to care for and preserve the natural beauty of their state.

It will work in West Virginia, too. Lastly, your concern for birthday parties and weddings is very narrow. The last I checked couples were spending an average of $10,000 on weddings, guests spend $50+ on gifts and as for birthday parties today, parents, friends and relatives spend quite a bit on gifts and other items. I think $2 more for either isn’t going to break anyone’s bank to attend. I look forward to gladly paying the $12 fee and helping to preserve our states natural beauty in our West Virginia State Parks.

Michael Leedom

Berkeley Springs

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