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Vietnam memorial group seeking information about local man killed in action

by Kate Shunney

Reid Tyrone Styers’ name on the West Virginia war memorial in Charleston. Reid Tyrone Styers’ name on the West Virginia war memorial in Charleston. In an effort to make a complete listing of Morgan County residents who served during the Vietnam War, organizers of a Vietnam Memorial group are seeking information on a local young man killed in action during that war.

Tari Hampe-Deneen, who has been working on the effort in recent months, said her group is still searching for information about Reid Tyrone Styers, one of seven local veterans who were killed in action.

According to the information she had so far, Styers was born in Morgan County on January 13, 1944 to Anna Styers and Cecil Lewis and lived here through his early years. As a teen, Styers moved from the area. He later enlisted in the Army. Military records list his place of residence as Baltimore, Md.

Styers was wounded in action on May 10, 1968 at the age of 24 in South Vietnam in the Hua Nghia province. Military records show he died on May 26, 1968 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas from his battle wounds, primarily related to extensive burns he received in combat. Styers was a member of the 25th Infantry Division, 3rd Battalion, 13th Artillery, Battery A.

Hampe-Deneen said the group has located school photos showing Styers as a student in Morgan County. The group is hoping that some former classmates might know when Styers moved from the area and to where. They are also looking for an adult photo of Styers to include on a banner display of local men killed in action during the Vietnam War.

Hampe-Deneen said she has discovered, with help from other researchers, that Styers had two half-brothers, whom he met only twice. Both of those half-brothers, who were not from Morgan County, also served in Vietnam.

The Morgan County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund will include any Vietnam Era veteran who has made Morgan County their home eligible to have their name on the monument. The original mission statement vowed to honor and remember Vietnam Veterans from here and afar.

Chuck Hampe is the founder of the memorial effort. The group now has a Board of Directors working toward their goal of constructing a permanent monument to Morgan County Vietnam Veterans.

Anyone with information or a photo of Styers is asked to contact the group by email at alpost60mcvvmf@gmail.com or go to the group’s website for additional contact information.

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