2017-03-15 / News

Pet waste stations installed

One of the new pet waste stations installed by the WSWA is located at the Town of Bath Water Works on Wilkes Street. One of the new pet waste stations installed by the WSWA is located at the Town of Bath Water Works on Wilkes Street. The Warm Springs Watershed Association (WSWA) installed three pet waste stations in town last week. One waste station was installed in the Berkeley Springs State Park in the area where dogs are allowed. The second one was installed just north of the Town of Bath Water Works on Wilkes Street; the third one is located around the corner from the Rag Shop on West Independence Street. The locations were chosen based upon observations made by park and town personnel as to where people most frequently fail to pick up after their dogs.

Each waste station contains plastic bags people can use to pick up and contain dog waste. The station in the park is located in close proximity to trash receptacles that are emptied on a regular basis by the park crew. The other two come with a trashcan, which will be emptied by the Town of Bath Department of Public Works crew on a regular basis. WSWA members will take responsibility to replace the plastic bags as needed.

WSWA hopes these waste stations will encourage more dog owners to comply with Article II, Section 10-42 of The Code of The Town of Bath, which states that “No person may walk a dog on any public property unless such person possesses and uses a sanitary and practical means for prompt disposal of animal excrement. Any person violating this section will be warned on the first offense and fined $25 per offense thereafter.”

The waste stations were purchased with funds from a 2017 Stream Partners grant made to the watershed association. WSWA has long been concerned about high fecal coliform levels in Warm Springs Run, especially in Berkeley Springs State Park. While the source of the bacteria is not known for certain, if people dispose of pet waste properly, there should be less fecal coliform bacteria in the stormwater runoff that empties into the stream.

Michael Brooks, Jeff Iliff, Kate Lehman, Andy Swaim, Bob Wurster and Kevin Wurster installed the waste stations.

Should it become clear that these waste stations are making a real difference in park and in the town, WSWA will consider adding additional ones. Input from the public as to potential locations for waste stations is welcome.

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