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Questions bus idea

Dear Editor:

I must say I have reservations about the proposed bus service. Other than folks going from the senior center to the DHHR office, what other traffic do they expect to generate? Tourists who come here to stroll through town and relax? Residents who have driven into town and parked their car? How many town folks do they think will wait for a bus instead of driving when they want to do errands? Maybe the vision is more like a taxi service instead of scheduled routes. We don’t have the population base or destinations for a self-sustaining service.

Reliance on federal and state grants, and asking for county money as well ignores the fiscal situation of all those government entities. The state is cutting our local Health Department funding by over 20%. Hundreds of county residents are served each month. Would you rather have county and state money go to subsidize a bus? On top of that, the committee wants to get DHHR money to pay the fare for people coming into the DHHR office. Good grief.

Maybe there are just not enough details available at this time for citizens to know what is best. It would be in everybody’s interest for the committee to publish some detailed information about how they arrived at their income and expense estimates. I fear much may be getting glossed over. I see an overreliance on potential renewable grants. Proceed with caution.

David E. Hansen

Berkeley Springs

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Perhaps they plan to help

Perhaps they plan to help those without a car?