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On radio station sale

Dear Editor:

This is just wrong.

Last week we learned what the sale of WDHC (92.9) really meant. Morgan Countians and surrounding area listeners turned on their radios to hear their local station and couldn’t understand what they were hearing. Literally.

Their favorite radio station had changed from great music, local news, weather, events, Public Service Announcements and advertising from businesses they patronize to a Spanish-speaking station headquartered in Fairfax, Va. Metro Radio, Inc. is the name of the company that bought WDHC.

We miss our DJs from Max 92.9. They were fun, interesting and informative. They are friends and are very involved in Berkeley Springs and Morgan County. I understand that they have or will lose their jobs.

Public service and emergency announcements won’t be possible for Morgan County with the new format. I remember Max 92.9 and their up to the minute coverage of the flash flood in the center of town a couple years ago. They helped and warned people then as they would be doing now with the upcoming blizzard.

Our local businesses are taking a hard hit with this change. Many, many businesses here depend heavily on radio marketing. The new owners of WDHC only advertise national companies. Our local businesses will have to turn to other radio marketing areas, pay more and compete for air time with larger city businesses. Or, they may give up radio advertising. Their businesses and employees will suffer either way.

I know that the FCC asked for comments on this sale, but who in their wildest dreams thought this would happen? We were duped by not being given the facts on an important service to our community. We were kept in the dark — again. This deal bears the sin of omission. We miss a necessary element of our community.

I have written to our local, state and federal representatives for assistance and advice. I will start a petition so that we can show our representatives our concerns. If you want to be involved in helping with this effort, email susanjwebster1@frontier.com with subject line Max 92.9.

Susan J. Webster

Berkeley Springs

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I was also dismayed by the

I was also dismayed by the sudden sale and format change... I honestly kind of expected country or adult contemporary or something... But kb8 is probably right. They likely purchased the station and freeq to extend the coverage area of the DC Latin station. While Morgan may have a minuscule Spanish speaking audience, Berkeley and Jefferson do have a growing Spanish Demographic, as they are commuting distance from Balt/DC. And the additional station extends the reach to Martinsburg, Hagerstown and, Winchester. But it does not serve this local community in any meaningful way. And there is no other station providing local coverage of Morgan County. The next nearest stations are in Martinsburg and Cumberland. Kurt Griffith Grove Heights, Berkeley Springs

Local demographics have

Local demographics have nothing to do with the sale. 92.9 covers Martinsburg, Hagerstown and into Winchester. National advertising is sold by coverage area, not local demographics. The new owners bought the station to get the frequency as it is extremely hard to get a frequency from the FCC. Even low powered station freqency allocations are unavailable.

illogical to run a local

illogical to run a local station with hardly any Spanish speakers in our area . where is the economic logic in this action. someone in Fairfax did not consider local demographics