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Another local treasure

Dear Editor:

One of the services that makes our community a great place to live is our Senior Center. The many activities include financial and tax services, acupuncture, vision and hearing services, low impact exercises, art classes, tap classes, join-in and organized card and game groups, bus and day trips, bingo, Senior Olympics, monthly late afternoon potlucks, holiday parties and birthday recognitions and new walking group.

More than this are the evolving and many relationships of those from all kinds of histories and life experiences that make the center a great place to come. Its success is also due to many of the staff people that work there and engage with all who come aboard — the well and those who work on wellness.

The connections that develop are precious, as so many of us who take advantage of this come from so many areas of the country and circumstances as well do the local folks. It is almost like entering a real world engaged in humor within conversations and discussions that are embellished with careful appreciation of everyone’s ideas and beliefs.

There is a true art to allowing this kind of dynamic to thrive. I attribute most of that to the overall staffing of this good facility in our town. There are always little things that need improvement, but, without a doubt, who and what doesn’t need tweaking? I will come and enjoy this for days to come and skip all the “Facebook” and “Tweeting.”

As humans, we are far more than “tweeters” among one another. We are face to face songbirds. The truth and goodness comes out a lot quicker and we can laugh with one another.

Joanne Tomasello

Berkeley Springs

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It's nice to read that

It's nice to read that something is working and making people happy!!