2017-02-15 / Letters

One-sided reporting

Dear Editor:

After reading The Messenger I was amazed at the one-sided reporting of the Women’s March in Washington. Nothing was further from the truth when you reported the march was peaceful. More disturbing was the fact you chose not to mention Madonna’s threat. On stage Madonna said “she dreams about blowing up the White House.” The Secret Service should have put her in handcuffs and arrested her for threatening to kill President Trump.

I am pro-life and I noticed you didn’t mention the Right to Life March. This has been a tradition for 44 years.

The voters sent the Democrats a clear message. Stop protesting and acting like spoiled children. You had eight long years and enough is enough.

Sue Gloyd

Barberton, Ohio

Editor’s note: Impressions of the Women’s March came from those who attended the event, as the opening paragraphs and headline say.

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I agree that the media

I agree that the media focuses little positive attention on the pro-life movement! The tide is turning in our country, and more and more are identifying as pro-life. Many are realizing the lie of feminism that convince women that babies are the enemy. Life trumps lifestyle every time. Women deserve better than the violence of abortion and so do their unborn children, who have the right to life as much as any other innocent human being. For support through unplanned pregnancies in Morgan County, please visit Nazareth House at 48 S. Mercer Street in Berkeley Springs. There you will find resources to help with the practical, tangible things a baby needs. (Open Tues and Fri, 10-2)

Maybe you should stop acting

Maybe you should stop acting like "spoiled children" and accept that a woman's reproductive rights are her own, not yours.