2017-01-18 / Letters

No pipe dream here

Dear Editor:

It’s a fact that people don’t take hydraulic fracturing, also called fracking, serious enough until it’s too late. Fracking can’t be done safely and must be banned everywhere. The big gas companies’ agenda is simple — destroy the entire world for their own profit.

Don’t ask mighty Joe Manchin, our non-environmental, natural gas industry puppet to help — he’s already been bought and sold and doesn’t care about West Virginia. He’ll tell you how much he loves West Virginia, and then support everything that threatens to destroy it.

After secret Bush administration meetings, brainchild Dick Cheney, issued a wavier of the “Safe Drinking Water Act” for fracking gas companies, known as the “Halliburton Waiver” — nice guy, issues a waiver to ruin America. Now, the Mountaineer Gas Pipeline is knocking on our doors. Like the process of fracking, anytime you have a high pressure gas transmission pipeline installed, there is a dangerous rish to everyone’s homes, farms, water and lives. And like John C. Webster said in his last letter “for what?” Answer — to supply a company like Procter & Gamble with fracked gas.

What do you get out of it? — Nothing! What can you lose? — Everything! Is it worth it?

The construction of these pipelines would involve heavy and dangerous truck traffic, clear cutting our woods, destroying valuable farmland and also, the dangerous process of tunneling under our famous waterways, both canals and rivers.

Without the pipeline, we live in peace. With the pipeline, you inherit fear. It’s like living near a dam that wasn’t there before. They build it and it seems safe and all of a sudden, an accident happens and everything is lost.

If we don’t look at the consequences involved with the installation of a high pressure pipeline, it shows we need to try harder to stop this threat. Almost Heaven could become something we just remember, instead of something we take for granted.

Don’t let the Mountaineer Gas pipe dream become Morgan County’s nightmare. Stop the pipe dream now.

Russell Ratliff

Berkeley Springs

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