2016-08-17 / School News

Berkeley Baptist Church hosted cancer runners

Berkeley Baptist Church hosted the runners of the Ulman 4K Cancer Run. Twenty-six runners joined the church on Thursday, August 4, on their final leg of their run.

Starting in the middle of June in San Francisco, their 4,000 mile run to Baltimore was to raise awareness and raise funds for cancer research.

The church supplied their dinner that evening and breakfast the next morning headed by Anne Walsh with help from other members of the congregation.

During the devotion time each runner gave their name and the reason they were making the run. The majority were running for a relative with cancer or one who has deceased from cancer. They were a group of young people between the ages of 18 and 25.

Six groups have raised over $800,000 to this point. The group that stopped by was only one of six groups. Each had to raise $4,500 to pay for air fare to San Francisco to begin their journey east. This group came from Maryland, New Mexico, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Tennessee, California and Virginia.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Department gave this group a police escort as they ran through Berkeley Springs on their final leg of their journey.

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