2016-08-17 / Opinions

From the Superintendent’s desk Success built on partnership

by David Banks, Superintendent

On Monday, August 22, Morgan County students will return to school again. We so look forward to “our kids” coming back to school each fall. A child’s success in school is based on a strong partnership between home and school. As parents, you should expect a safe, well-managed, positive school climate where learning is the priority of all. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations in these areas.

As parents, many of you ask what you can do to best prepare your child for school. First, in the early grades, we encourage you to provide a structured environment at home with clear expectations and promoting a love for learning new things. As students progress through the later elementary grades, it is critical to maintain that structure and turn off the phones and television, and ensure that reading is a priority at your house. Model it, expect it, have fun with it.

Middle school brings great challenges as the hormones take over! Keep open lines of communication and a positive relationship as priorities, emphasize more long-term career goals and keep education as the main focus. Even though sports are important, they most likely will not become a professional athlete. They can however, become a responsible citizen with a rewarding career. High school requires more open and honest communication with your teenager, and a laser focus on what will occur after high school.

We are always here to help you as parents. One last tip that will help in all grades is to establish a consistent time and place at home for focusing on learning. If your child says they have no homework, focus on reading or something that engages them in academics.

Have a great year.

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