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More on terrorists, Trump

Dear Editor:

After reading Mr. Abdelaal’s letter “The Hero,” I had to pause and reflect. When I lived in New York I had many friends of different faiths, ethnic backgrounds, white, black, it didn’t matter.

It made no difference where you came from. We all got along in our community.

As a Christian I learned to accept Jews, Muslims and we even had a Buddhist in our group.

As Americans I feel we should stop fighting amongst ourselves and work towards fighting the terrorists and those who support them. They’re everywhere in all countries of the world and we must do our best to stop them.

I have spoken with Donald Trump in the past and there is no doubt he is an egotistical blowhard with a big mouth but he will have to deal with Congress and our judicial system before he can send Muslims packing or building a wall to keep them out. That’s just the way it is.

In closing I would like to say, just because a man’s name is Mohamed does not make him a bad person.

John J.Z. Webster

Berkeley Springs

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Mr trump doesn't need a plan

Mr trump doesn't need a plan because all he needs is all the nastiness of people like himself who would build a wall, eject anyone who isn't white and Christian. He is no better than the KKK and Hitler, who only find power in the basest of human emotions: hate and fear.

how we can find ourselves

how we can find ourselves losing this war on terror. ISIL Daesh does not have a chance in beating us militarily but the war it's self is turning us into mean people who are heading towards wanting to cause harm to anyone we perceive as our enemy. we are slowly losing our sense of humanity and taking on the abusive attitude of the radical Muslims . .if reading this is offending you than good ,because it is my effort to wake you up to this hidden danger. . Mr. Trump has tuned into our frustrations and anger . I will leave the politics aside . hope Mr. Trump has a working plan . we sure need one . being mad is not enough. .two year olds don't solve much by having temper tantrums