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Bullet hole and tree damage to water towers to be repaired in September

by Trish Rudder

The Fairview Drive water storage tank for the public water system that was shot two years ago and lost a lot of water from the finger size hole is scheduled to be properly repaired next month, said Berkeley Springs Water Works (BSWW) Terry Largent, its chief water operator.

BSWW is a town-owned water company and serves about 1,352 customers.

At a cost of about $15,000, a metal patch will be welded over the hole on the outside of the tank and the tank’s rusty legs will be sanded and repainted, he said.

It was wintertime when the gunshot hole was discovered, Largent said, and the tank was covered with ice. The water dripped on the tank’s legs, which caused them to rust, Largent said. Those will be repaired next month as well.

An expensive temporary fix

After the gunshot hole was discovered, about 100,000 gallons of water drained out of the hole in four to six weeks of leakage, he said, before it could be safely repaired. The tank holds 200,000 gallons of water, he said.

Then the BSWW hired a crew and had to rent a 135-foot lift at about a cost of $12,500 to repair the leak, Largent said. It took two to three days to get the hole plugged sufficiently but temporarily until it could be properly repaired, he said.

Repainting needed on Ridge tank

The Ridge water tank is also scheduled for some painting next month.

The tank off of Cacapon Road on Sir John’s Run Rd. needs repainting where a tree scraped it on one side, Largent said.

The Fairview Drive water tower that was shot is to be repaired in September. photo by Trish Rudder

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