2013-11-20 / Letters

Levy & school waste

Dear Editor:

We must support the Board of Education’s decision to rerun the school levy. Given the many misconceptions and misunderstandings propagated by some citizens last spring, including mistaking McDowell County’s test scores for Morgan County’s scores, our schools have the right to set the record straight. This time, we should vote on the facts, not on distortions.

Anyone who knows of school system waste should report this to the school board, not complain about it in the paper. Our board members are our friends and neighbors, all of whom are trying to do their best in a difficult situation. We owe it to our students to report waste so that it can be eliminated.

Voting against the school levy because of waste that occurred more than 20 years ago simply does not make sense and only hurts today’s students. Our students are our future and deserve our support. Let’s support Morgan County’s schools by voting for the school levy.

Margaret Gordon

Berkeley Springs

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Don't need the levy to pay

Don't need the levy to pay the super over 68,000.00 and other perk's year and waste money on ball park's and wast money on trail's and thing's like that. This county has enough tax's to pay and receive nothing return but waste.