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In defense of free enterprise

Dear Editor:

In the November 6 Morgan Messenger, Charles Sullivan takes an unwarranted swipe at Commissioner Brad Close over a disputed meeting with a local business, and then attempts to eviscerate the entire free enterprise system.

In spite of world-wide evidence to the contrary, Sullivan relies on discredited verbiage straight out of Vladimir Llyich Lenin’s playbook, periodically repackaged by lock-step “intellectuals” who often still rely on parental or public support.

Free enterprise, unlike socialism or myriad collectivist schemes, allows the individual maximum control over his personal and financial destiny and that of his family. Free enterprise, unlike the oft despotic command culture of collectivism, allows each of us to freely aid in the creation of goods and services which are then traded through a market economy for the mutual benefit of buyer and seller.

At its best, socialism insists that individuals labor collectively for group or state benefit, often under a politically appointed manager. At its worst, socialism disintegrates into mass starvation, gulags and concentration camps.

Once a political class controls our means of production, and therefore our economic freedom, they control us. They decide when and what we eat, where and how we live, and under what terms we labor for the state.

Go back a few years. Socialist China, Russia, and Vietnam were all economic basket cases until their calcified collectivist leadership woke up and allowed their subjects to produce for themselves as much as for the “greater good” of the state. And it is no accident that we see starving stunted babies in stratified socialist North Korea and not in the thriving free enterprise in the South.

Socialist morality requires that individuals devote themselves to the “greater public interest.” It is a morality based on the illusion-or lie- that individuals , or corporations, will continue to produce the same quality and quantity no matter the amount of restriction or confiscation piled upon free men of vision, rational thought, self- discipline and raw effort.

So I ask the socialists and collectivists: What will you do when the doctors, engineers, builders, mechanics, craftsmen, and corporations who you call “exploiters” finally throw in the towel and little or nothing remains for you to redistribute?

Reuben Darby


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