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10x shooting range hitting the mark

by Jazz Clark

At 10X shooting range, Andrew Valois shoots off a Colt M4 Carbine at a paper target. At 10X shooting range, Andrew Valois shoots off a Colt M4 Carbine at a paper target. “Ease the trigger, align the sight, and don’t jerk it,” said owner and instructor Jim Riffle of 10X shooting range as this reporter aimed a .22 pistol downrange.

Near Fish Hatchery Road on U.S. 522, a members-only shooting range opened August 15 on farmland leased from Pat Largent.

“It’s been an unofficial shooting range for many years,” Riffle said. “I just cleaned it up.”

The range is spruced up with 15 pistol lanes, chairs and benches, a 100-yard range, and an area for sighting rifles. He furnishes targets and cutouts, either of bulls-eyes or silhouettes of animals or bad guys.

The range is open anytime to members, though instructors are available more often on weekends. The range is closed to shooting on Sunday, set aside for archery shooters and hunters to practice.

“We wanted to keep Sunday quiet,” he said.

The National Rifle Association certifies the range.

Riffle plans on selling ammo in the future, and currently makes .22 caliber ammo available to members. Trap shooting is also planned, he said, with clay birds.

Riffle teaches concealed carry classes. Many of his students didn’t have a place to shoot, so he opened a range.

“We encourage families,” said Riffle. “We have family packages so young kids can learn gun safety.”

Shotguns, muzzleloaders, and basically any gun, except fully automatics, are allowed.

Don Utley, a veteran of the armed forces, said he comes to 10X because Riffle cares so much about safety.

Utley’s gun of the day was an Egyptian-made AK with an attachment to reduce muzzle flash. We went through a 40- round clip together in just a few minutes.

“It’s an addictive hobby,” he said.

He also admits the hobby is expensive. Each round in the clip of 40 cost $.50.

“Still, there is absolutely nothing else in the world like shooting a gun,” Utley said.

Riffle usually opens at the request of his members, and does much of his business on weekends.

“I love to shoot guns, be around people who shoot guns, and teach people to shoot guns,” said Riffle. “There are very few places left to shoot guns in Morgan County.”

Jim Riffle can be reached about the range at 258-8382. He offers special rates for seniors and families.

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