2013-06-19 / Opinions

I can read the paper where?

Readers of The Morgan Messenger now have a new way to see and interact with the newspaper through our updated and reformatted website at www.morganmessenger.com.

The site, which went live earlier this month, offers enhanced features that make online reading easy and more informative.

Some of these features include:

• A complete edition online with all articles, photos and ads

• A page view, to see what the print edition looks like

• Mobile and tablet-friendly versions, to make reading a snap on any device

• A new online section called “Crossroads Weekend”

• Calendar of events

• Advertiser index and links to local business websites

For now you can browse and explore the new website for free. We hope you’ll take a few moments to see what it has to offer.

Starting on Wednesday, July 3, website visitors will have to log in to see all of the online features. Readers with a subscription to the paper will continue to have free access to the paper online.

The front page and story teasers, along with death notices and some basic information will be visible for free. Visitors will also be able to browse through editions that are more than six weeks old.

Access to the full online edition, “Crossroads Weekend” and email news updates will be available by subscribing to either a Print+Digital package or an All-Digital subscription.

Why pay?

Some of our readers will wonder why The Morgan Messenger is shifting to a paid website model, when a wide variety of news is available for free online.

We hope the move will make our business more sustainable into the future, helping us continue to gather the local news that you’re interested in and present it in a way that’s attractive and easy to read.

The website service we’re using also gives online users lots of choices for ways to read the paper – a feature that we hope appeals not only to out-oftown readers but to local subscribers who want to use digital devices to read the news, check on business specials and keep track of local events.

We’ve been told the new website looks as good on a smartphone in Shirley Farms as it does on the beaches of Spain. Hopefully that’s your experience, too. For more information about subscribing to or advertising on morganmessenger.com, feel free to contact us at 304-258-1800.

We’ll be working out any bugs to the site and log-in access in the weeks ahead, and appreciate your feedback on how the site works for you. As always, we’re proud to be your hometown newspaper, and strive to be accurate, relevant and useful in your everyday life.

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