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Kinder to leave dogs at home

Dear Editor:

On a very warm and muggy 88 degree afternoon I noticed a large dog in the back of a truck in the Food Lion parking lot. She was barely able to stick her nose out to get fresh air through a small window in the back of the truck cap.

I looked for someone in the store with a shirt printed with the company name on the truck, but no luck. When I finished my shopping, the truck was still there.

The dog was still struggling to get her face out that tiny window. I called the phone number written on the side of the truck. It turned out to be the phone number for a sweepstakes entry.

I went back inside to the deli department and told them there was a dog in distress that needed water. They immediately gave me a small container of water and I went out to the truck again. Still no owner. I held the container to the dogs mouth and she drank most of it.

The back window to the truck cap was unlocked, so I opened it to let in some fresh air and held it up for quite some time, talking to the dog and petting her.

I noticed there was no water left for her, no bowl of any kind, and nothing to lie on except the rusty, dirty floor of the truck.

To my surprise, an elderly woman came out and said to me, “What are you doing messing with my dog?”

I explained to her it was 88 degrees in the parking lot, and her dog was in distress from the heat.

I told her it was animal cruelty to leave a dog without water and sufficient circulation to keep the dog from overheating.

So many people, either from ignorance or lack of compassion, find it perfectly fine to treat their animals in this inhumane manner.

Your pets may love to go for car rides, but in hot and humid weather it can be deadly to leave them in a car for any length of time.

Do them a favor and let them stay home in the shade with a bowl of fresh water. It just may save their lives.

The people at Food Lion were so kind to offer water for the dog without hesitation.

Patricia Starry

Berkeley Springs

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