2013-06-19 / Letters

Fed up with dumpers

Dear Editor:

Just last night, my wife was sitting on her back porch and could hear some commotion on the road behind our property.

This morning we woke up to find some irresponsible individual dumped an air conditioner and four tires down a steep embankment into the small stream on our property.

I guess when they got four new tires, they opted not to pay the disposal fee of $12 and drove here instead to dump them on someone else.

What if someone was down near the creek when they pushed the tires down the hill? It could have seriously injured or killed the person down there.

Just this past winter, so-called “hunters” dumped seven deer carcasses on the road near here.

What is wrong with these people?

Well, I have had enough. I am installing game cameras at these locations along Mountain Run Road, and when it happens again, the photos of the dumpers will be turned into Sheriff Shambaugh.

Respectfully submitted and fed up.

Karl Shrader


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