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Cacapon expansion could begin this fall

by Kate Shunney

Architectural renderings of the $21 million expansion project for Cacapon State Park. Architectural renderings of the $21 million expansion project for Cacapon State Park. State bonds that will pay for the planned expansion and upgrades to Cacapon State Park should go on sale next month, kicking off the final steps toward breaking ground on a new four-story lodge building at the park.

The $21 million project will add 78 rooms in a 112,500-sq. ft. building, complete with a new kitchen system, new dining room, lounge, fitness center, spa and indoor-outdoor pool, said Paul Redford, District Administrator for West Virginia State Parks.

Redford gave a project update to members of the Berkeley Springs-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce at Cacapon State Park last Wednesday.

Cacapon’s iconic lodge will stay in place, but will get its own room upgrades, plus improvements to the kitchen and dining areas, Redford said.

Another $700,000 will fund golf course bunker and drainage improvements, and $750,000 in water, electrical and wastewater upgrades also round out the project.

State park officials have already held a pre-bid meeting with contractors who are interested in vying for the chance to run the project, which is expected to begin between this fall and the beginning of 2014.

Redford estimates the project will take two and a half years to complete, based on his experience with major improvements at Canaan Valley State Park.

Because of the proximity of Berkeley Springs to the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metro areas, park officials plan to kick off a heavy marketing campaign for Cacapon’s new amenities, Redford said.

“This is going to be the goto place. We can turn this into a really top-notch resort,” he told business owners.

With the expansion, Cacapon will have a total of 78 guest rooms in the lodge and will be able to accommodate conferences of up to 388 attendees, Redford said.

The larger facility will require more housekeeping, kitchen and dining staff, he confirmed, though park officials don’t know how many employees they will add yet.

Contractor bids for the project are due next Thursday, June 27. Redford said it will take a few months for bids to be reviewed and one to be awarded.

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