2013-06-12 / News

State’s veterans get help with housing issues

Senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin have announced a federal funding award to the Charleston- Kanawha Housing Authority to provide rental assistance for homeless veterans.

“Supporting our veterans in their transition back to civilian life has to be among our top priorities. I hear many stories about veterans who regularly go to sleep without a roof above their heads and it breaks my heart,” said Rockefeller.

“This vital housing assistance is exactly the kind of help we need to give our veterans who fought so bravely for our freedom. It is never an option to let any of our veterans fall behind.”

“The patriotism and sacrifices of our veterans and their families are immeasurable, and I am pleased that West Virginia will receive funds to assist those who are struggling with homelessness,” said Manchin.

“These programs will help provide our heroes who are facing difficulties as they return home get the help they need. It is our duty to fight for those who have fought for us, and I remain committed to making sure our country keeps its promises to our veterans.”

The Charleston-Kanawha Housing Authority received $96,229 in a federal grant under the Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Veterans Affairs (VA).

The money is distributed to public housing agencies so they can provide long-term housing assistance to vulnerable veterans who have experienced homelessness for extended periods of time.

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