2013-06-12 / News

State Senate to discuss children and poverty

West Virginia Senate President Jeff Kessler recently announced that the Senate Select Committee on Children and Poverty will hold a community meeting in Wheeling on Wednesday, June 19.

“A child’s socioeconomic status has a significant effect on our communities, especially in the areas of education, health and the criminal justice system,” says Kessler. “We need to focus our efforts toward meeting the basic needs of children throughout the state so they can reach their full potential.”

The Senate Select Committee on Children and Poverty, chaired by Majority Leader John Unger, has been holding public hearings, community town hall meetings and gathering information since its inception related to the problem of child poverty in West Virginia.

“Child poverty is a very significant problem in West Virginia and we must dedicate our full attention and resources to addressing it,” says Unger. “These community meetings are vital to building a foundation that will allow us to effectively fight poverty facing our communities.”

Senator Rocky Fitzsimmons says he and Senator Jack Yost are pleased the select committee is meeting in their district.

“Poverty produces real, negative consequences for our children,” says Fitzsimmons. “We have a collective responsibility to improve these conditions. I, along with Senator Yost, look forward to hearing from residents and working alongside the select committee.”

Catholic Charities of Wheeling is hosting the meeting in its building located at 2000 Main Street. The meeting will begin at 3 p.m. on June 19. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate.

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