2013-06-12 / News

Phone scams push bogus computer repair

Two Berkeley Springs computer equipment and repair businesses have contacted The Morgan Messenger recently, telling us that their customers have been hit by repair scams over the phone. Both want local computer owners to be on watch for these calls.

In one scam, a fake Microsoft tech support person will call computer owners and say there is something wrong with the person’s computer. The caller offers to fix the “problems” for a fee.

“Microsoft will never, ever call you about your computer,” said Kevin Boles, who has heard about the scam from three separate people. Boles said he’s worried that older people or those with less technology experience are vulnerable to the ploy.

Mike Sisenstein, owner of Mike the Computer Guy, described a similar scam. He said his customers described getting a call from someone from another country saying they are from Windows or Microsoft.

The caller will tell computer owners that there are errors in their operating system or computer. They claim to be able to fix the problem if the owner will allow them to log onto the computer through a remote access program.

That program gives the scam artists access to a computer’s passwords, data and other sensitive information.

Sisensteain echoed the fear that elderly people are special targets for the scam.

Anyone who receives a suspicious call should report them to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department at 304- 258-1067.

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