2013-06-12 / News

County landfill sealed, being monitored in Great Cacapon

by Jazz Clark

Work to seal and make the old county landfill off of Milo School Road in Great Cacapon environmentally safe is now complete.

The Department of Environmental Protection is in the process of closing up multiple dumps across the state.

Environmental Inspector Specialist Mark Church said many upgrades were installed at the old landfill. A synthetic cap is in place and a collection system gathers waste runoff.

Six inches of soil create a layer between trash and the ground, said Church.

Monitoring wells all the way around the dump link to a tank built specifically to hold wastewater. Samples from this tank are trucked off to Berkeley Springs wastewater treatment for analysis, Church said.

Any water collected which touches the garbage also goes to the same treatment plant for disposal.

While the dump is self-sustaining,

Environmental Protection state officials will inspect the site on a monthly basis.

The project cost a total of $3.65 million, paid for by landfill tipping fees. Landfill tipping fees are paid by individuals to dump large quantities of refuse at the landfill, said Church.

There are only two or three more dumps to close in the state under this program, and Church’s next project is near Charleston.

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