2013-06-12 / Letters

Why build an abomination?

Dear Editor:

As I am a fairly solid Republican, I normally view progress in a positive light. But the 400 housing units that are projected to be built off of Fish Hatchery Road isn’t progress. It’s a vulgarity. It is probably a certainty that Morgan County, if not the entire East Coast — and sooner instead of later — is destined to become one large subdivision. But with that said, why rush it? Why construct an abomination that would offer all the pleasant certitude of living in the South Bronx?

Often when situations such as this occur, average citizens feel helpless. The proper palms get greased and the bulldozers go into action. But there is one thing that we can do.

Note well and remember every name of the dull solons who voted/will vote for this, from a formerly pragmatic lame duck State Senator, to a group of Morgan County Commissioners that would make even the most optimistic humanitarians among us revisit their points of view. If they cast a vote for this, cast a vote to send them to wherever it is that mediocre minds go to congregate.

Bill Irvin

Berkeley Springs

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