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Who’s who in animal groups

Dear Editor:

In reference to Mr. Compton’s May 29 Letter to the Editor, I applaud his accuracy on the mission of the Morgan County Animal Control Facility. Their job is to take control of and provide disposition on animals that are found running loose or given to them as a result of legal action within the county. They are not legally required to provide medical support or extended stay facilities. I believe they are required to provide housing and food, and nothing else, for the animal until its legal issues are resolved or it has been under their control for six days; whichever comes second, and nothing more. At that point they have a full legal right to euthanize it. That’s it folks. That’s what they are supposed to do.

The Morgan County Humane Society is a privatelyfunded dog and cat adoption activity. They are a “no kill” animal facility in that if a dog or cat is offered to them they look to see if they physically have space for it and if it can reasonably be made adoptable. If the manager feels these two conditions can be met, the animal will be taken in. From then or if it is never adopted, it will live out its life at the facility. From time to time, it has taken adoptable dogs from the County Animal Control facility to preclude their being euthanized in the hope that homes can be found for them.

“Bark at the Commissioners” is a privately funded group of folks within and outside our county. Their stated goal is to close down the existing county Animal Control facility. They see it as inhumane and want it closed down — period.

Mr. Compton has made only one error in his letter. The Morgan County Humane Society has never been, is not currently, and as far as I can tell has no desire to ever be in any way associated with Bark at the Commissioners. That’s not to say there is anything wrong with the Bark group. In fact, the thorn they have been in the side of the county for the last 12 months has been somewhat successful in that the county is not trying to upgrade, or at least hide from prying eyes, their facility on Route 9.

Paul Murtha

Berkeley Springs

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