2013-06-12 / Letters

What part of no

Dear Editor:

I have been following the articles about the School Board running the special levy (piggy bank tax) again. What part of no didn’t they understand the first time?

The people have spoken. At 1,673 against and 1,324 for, it wasn’t exactly a land slide, but it was a big enough victory to reign in a high-flying free-spending school board. I believe there were several causes for the outcome of the vote.

1. It was a well-informed intelligent electorate that studied the facts, read the letters to the editor, did the research and made the right decision.

2. It was well-known that someone was defacing and removing anti-levy signs. The anti-levy people did no such thing and, as in sports, people don’t root for the side that cheats.

3. The board did not take into consideration that $500 or $1,000 is a lot of money to many people in this economy. They believe that property owners have a bottomless pit of cash to tap at will. They were proven wrong by this vote.

4. The voters questioned the board’s financials, in particular the millions they have in the bank. (I believe, except for a small emergency fund, it should be returned to the taxpayers).

5. This entire business with the school board and the levy is beginning to smell a lot like Watergate. Anyone or any entity dealing with public funds should be “squeaky clean” with full disclosure.

The anti-levy people used their own funds as good citizens to finance their campaign. I can assure everyone that if this issue ever raises its ugly head in the future we will fight it with even greater tenancy that we did this time.

Tom Collins

Berkeley Springs

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