2013-05-15 / Police & Safety


by Sheriff Vince Shambaugh

Last year as the Vice President of the West Virginia Sheriff’s Association we worked hard for and passed legislation at Charleston outlawing the use of cellular phones while operating a motor vehicle.

This law passed and last July it became a primary offense for drivers under the age of 18 to be stopped and cited. This year in July, it becomes a primary offense for all drivers. Many drivers nationwide have been killed and maimed because of cell phone usage behind the wheel. Statistics show that talking or texting while driving is in fact more dangerous than drunk driving.

Make arrangements to purchase and use only hands free cellular devices or find a safe place and pull over when you need to use your cell phone. If not, come July you may see blue lights in your rear view mirror should you decide to use your phone and drive.

I will post an updated reminder next month with more particulars on this subject. Stay safe, Morgan Countians.

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