2013-05-15 / Letters

All programs cut

Dear Editor:

From Dick Byrne’s letter in the May 1 Morgan Messenger, I gather that he never heard about the sequestration of funds. This occurred on March 1. Because the Democrats and Republicans could not agree on what programs to cut, they simply cut all government programs in the federal budget. Another tax bracket was also added to help reduce the federal budget deficit.

Since all programs were cut, I presume this would include White House tours, federal prisons, and military bands. Recently, Congress did restore the funds for the air traffic controllers. The Congressmaen did not like their flights being delayed.

I would add that, under the Constitution, all bills authorizing the spending of public money must originate in the House of Representatives, which is currently controlled by the Republicans. To my knowledge, Obama has not withheld any funds that have been authorized by Congress.

Patricia Wilt

Berkeley Springs

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