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Meet Cabaret Artist Marilyn Hausfeld

Beth Rowland

Marilyn Hausfeld.Marilyn Hausfeld.Many of us have towns or cities we’re directly connected to by, say, where we were born or where we went to college. For cabaret artist Marilyn Hausfeld, that would be Brooklyn (where she was born and raised) and Washington, D.C. (where she went to graduate school and remained to raise her and husband Michael’s family).          

Then there are towns or cities we pick to be a part of, and for Ms. Hausfeld that would be Berkeley Springs. After a first visit almost 45 years ago, hiking with friends as newlyweds in Cacapon State Park, the couple “fell in love with this area,” says Marilyn “even though it was a gloomy, rainy day.”  Over the next years as they raised three children, they came back often, frequently staying at the Country Inn.

The couple often said to each other that someday they would have a second home here. They even began collecting the items they would furnish the imagined place with: A discarded lamp or an extra chair would go into the attic for that day off in the future.

That day came 21 years ago when they built their weekend home in the south part of the county. It wasn’t long before Marilyn became an important part of the Berkeley Springs arts community. Today, she is a valued member of the Morgan Arts Council’s (MAC) Board of Directors.

And luckily for MAC, in addition to being a wife and mother, Ms. Hausfeld has been a performer since early childhood, when she sang on Star Time, a popular New York City show. She even appeared in a Hebrew National hotdog commercial as a girl. “I got bitten by the acting bug early,” she says today. More recently she created the character Debbie Strauss on NBC’s groundbreaking series Homicide.

Ms. Hausfeld considers herself “an actor who sings.”  As an indication of just how good she is, Ms. Hausfeld had the distinct honor of being chosen as a fellow at the prestigious International Cabaret Conference at Yale two years ago.

As an experienced entertainment professional, Ms. Hausfeld believes in what MAC does for the community and sees the Ice House as the centerpiece for the town. “The Ice House is important as a draw for both residents and visitors to the town, “ she says. She is dedicated to the Ice House’s continued renovation.

Out of that dedication, Ms. Hausfeld will perform her “Just Between Us: A Piano, a Mic and a Memory,” October 19, 2013, at 8 p.m. at the Ice House. All proceeds from the show will benefit the Ice House Building Fund.

Ms. Hausfeld and her accompanist Alex Rybeck in "Just Between Us."Ms. Hausfeld and her accompanist Alex Rybeck in "Just Between Us."

In “Just Between Us,” along with her accompanist Alex Rybeck,(a highly-acclaimed performer in his own right) Ms. Hausfeld shares an intimate musical conversation with her audience, a warm, touching, funny and entertaining journey through the life of a very special woman and performer. Focusing on segments in her life — both on stage and off — she shares the joys and challenges of growing up in Brooklyn, having dreams, celebrating love, motherhood, and never being afraid to do what one is passionate about 

Rich Massabny of Arlington Weekly News TV says of a recent performance, “She is simply wonderful, wonderful! She has an infectious manner as she sings and chats — and the audience loves her. She is someone you would like to know.”  

After the October 19 show in Berkeley Springs, Ms. Hausfeld and Mr. Rybeck will perform “Just Between Us” at the celebrated Don’t Tell Mama Theatre in New York City.

“We are so fortunate to have someone of Marilyn Hausfeld’s caliber working with us, “ says MAC Executive Director Anne Beckley. “Her performance for the community to benefit the Ice House Building Fund is beyond generous.”

For “Just Between Us” ticket information, see Crossroads Calendar.

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