Fireworks ignite & delight

by Lisa Schauer

Impressive fireworks lit up the night sky in Berkeley Springs on a sweltering Friday, July 5.

A crowd gathered at Widmyer Elementary School and on the bluff beyond before dusk for the town’s annual Independence Day fireworks display, sponsored by Travel Berkeley Springs. Police directed traffic, blue lights flashing.

Visitors and locals of all ages spread out blankets, perched on tailgates, and set up camp chairs facing the practice field, where the munitions were staged.

Jim Clark caught this mid-air show on his camera.
Berkeley Springs residents Natalie Koontz, left, and Payton Mizell were at the fireworks at Widmyer Elementary School on Friday, July 5.
Hundreds of people gathered on the grounds of Widmyer Elementary on Friday, July 5 to enjoy the free fireworks show. Hundreds more set up in nearby areas to take in the show.

The show began at about 9:30 p.m. and lasted until about 10 p.m., with a major grand finale for the appreciative audience.

This year, a food truck selling funnel cakes was on site. A few people stopped on their way out, while most hurried back to their air-conditioned vehicles on this hot and humid holiday.