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School board approves final $37.4 million budget

by Kate Evans

The Morgan County School Board approved their final 2024-2025 Morgan County Schools budget at their May 21 meeting.

The budget’s projected revenues and expenditures total $37,458,541. That figure is $34,080 less than last year’s budget total.  The total includes the combined general current expense fund, the special revenue fund, the capital projects fund and the federal stimulus and stabilization fund.

A budget hearing was scheduled before the budget adoption at the May 21 meeting.  No members of the public commented on the budget.


Total budget estimated revenues and estimated expenditures for the general current expense fund in the 2024-2025 proposed budget are $31,863,766.

Fiscal Year 2025 special revenue fund estimated revenues and expenditures are $4,419,774, up $288,089 from last year.  School Treasurer Ann Bell said that much of the increase is for the child nutrition sponsor’s contribution.

Special revenue fund includes Title 1, Title 2 and Title 4 funding, funding for special education, child nutrition, bus replacement, career technical education, alternative education, faculty senates and staff development.

Capital projects estimated revenues and expenditures are $375,000.  The federal stimulus and stabilization fund estimated revenue and expenditures are $800,000.

Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief and American Rescue Plan (ESSER/ARP) funding expires on September 30.


Some 76.62% of the total proposed budget — or $24,408,996 — will fund salaries and benefits, Bell said.

Bell said that there is a legislative PEIA increase of 10.5% and a 5% legislative salary increase.  Professional staff will receive $2,460 and service personnel will get $1,400.

Estimated school expenditure categories include $17,580,590 for instruction; $3,156,287 for facilities operations and maintenance; $2,656,026 for student transportation; $1,999,650 for student support services; $1,837,109 for school administration; $1,858,518 for instructional staff; $416,251 for central services; and $460,678 for central administration.

Debt service for Fiscal Year 2025 is $345,726, said Bell. Debts are the CMTA energy management program lease purchase payment and  the QZAB no-interest loan payment for the Berkeley Springs High School renovations.

Major expenses

Major general current expense items for the Fiscal Year 2025 are salaries, retirement and health insurance costs,  Social Security matching, a total of $1,023,744 for retirement plans, long-term substitutes, substitutes, electricity, textbooks, contracted services, repair/maintenance service and other professional services.

Budget factors

Bell said that Morgan County Schools will lose $149,313 in state aid for this year’s budget due to 19 Morgan County students being enrolled in Charter Schools during the 2023-2024 school year.

Student enrollment has been declining almost every year since the 2011-2012 school year when the student enrollment head count was 2,586, Bell said. Student enrollment is now at 2,144 students.  State aid funding is based on student enrollment numbers.

Bell noted that House Bill 3035 — The Third Grade Success Act –is now requiring early childhood classroom assistant teachers (ECCATs)/aides in second grade classrooms.

Levy revenue

State regular school levy revenue for Fiscal Year 2025 is expected to be $6,143,660. The total projected special levy revenue for Fiscal Year 2025 is $5,196,193.

The special (excess) levy call designates an annual estimated $1,972,105 for employee salaries and benefits and $1,252,438 for critical educational programs support including alternative education, prevention resources and behavioral, academic and remedial support.

The special levy also includes $400,000 for maintenance, $300,000 for capital projects/repairs, $125,000 for technology, $400,000 for instructional materials and $45,000 in combined support for public libraries-the Morgan County Public Library ($27,000) and the Paw Paw Public Library ($18,000).