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Lillian Morgan wins scholarship

Lillian Morgan was one of three students to receive scholarships from the Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation. The Foundation awarded $194,000 in scholar- ships this year to students in Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties.

Lillian Morgan

This year, they received over 200 applications from exceptional students. Each application showcased a unique set of talents, aspirations, and community contributions. The decision-making process for our Scholarship Selection Committee was challenging.

The scholarships will have a transformative impact on the lives of these students, providing financial assistance and helping them pursue their educational goals and reach their full potential.

The Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation is committed to supporting the future of our region. Through scholarships, we invest in the education of some of our brightest and most deserving students, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed in college and beyond.

Lillian Morgan graduated from Berkeley Springs High School and received two scholarships: the Derflinger Earth Sciences Scholarship and the Rissler Sisters Scholarship. She is involved in soccer, wrestling, 4H, Girl Scouts and likes science and math. Morgan has always been highly motivated, and she leads by example.

Morgan is committed to her studies and performs at her best, no matter the task. She cares for others and wants everyone to be part of the group. Her career goal is to work in land reclamation and stay within the state of West Virginia. She wants to restore natural disaster, min- ing, and construction sites with native plants and animal species. She is headed to West Virginia University to study Environmental and Energy Resource Management.

The other two students were Andrew Milburn, a graduate of Musselman High School and Jasmine

Matthews, a graduate of Jefferson High School.

Breakdown of scholarships distributed by school:

Berkeley Springs – seven scholarships

Faith Christian Academy – three scholarships

Hedgesville – nine scholarships

Jefferson – eight scholarships

Martinsburg – 25 scholarships

Musselman -15 scholarships

Spring Mills – eight scholarships

Washington – seven scholarships