School News

Myers is Morgan County Teacher of the Year

by Kate Evans

Robert Myers, Berkeley Springs High School band director, choir director and music teacher, was named Morgan County Teacher of the Year at the April 16 Morgan County School Board meeting.

Nominees for the award are considered outstanding teachers and exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled.  They    inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn and are active in the school and community.

Teaching experience

Myers has been teaching for 11 years. He said he came to Morgan County in 2019 when he first taught part-time at Berkeley Springs High School and part-time at Warm Springs Middle School in his first year.  He taught choir and piano at the high school and general music at the middle school.

In his second year Myers taught full-time at the high school. From July 2019 until present he has taught Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory, guitar, choir and piano at Berkeley Springs High School.  Myers also became the Berkeley Springs High School band director last year.

Prior to coming to Morgan County, Myers taught general music, band, choir and guitar at Petersburg High School in Grant County from July, 2015 to June, 2018.

Myers also taught in Roane County from 2012-2015.  He taught choir, theater and guitar at Roane County High School.

Educational background

Myers has four Bachelor of Arts Degrees from Glenville State College:  a Bachelor of Arts in Education in Music; a Bachelors of Arts in Music: Instrumental Music-area of concentration: percussion; and  a Bachelor’s of Arts in Music: Music Technology and Engineering. Myers is certified in pre-K-Adult music education.

Myers is currently finishing his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership through Western Governors University with an expected graduation this December.

Philosophy of teaching

Myers said his philosophy of teaching hasn’t changed in all these years-”what I give is what I get.”  If he wants students energetic, he’s Mr. Energetic.

“I try to give 110% to my kids.  If I’m there for them, they’re there for them,” he said.

“As we look across the United States, music is being cut everywhere. We have to prove we belong in schools.  We have to make sure that kids enjoy it and are asking for music,” Myers added.

What Myers loves about music is that “every day is different-there’s no monotony.”

Myers said he taught music to per-K through grade 12 students when he was student teaching.  At  middle school and high school  is where students move into performing ensembles.  Teaching the etiquette of performance is his forte.

Myers said he likes teaching across the curriculum.  In band when they learn new pieces, students also learn what the pieces are about, the composer and the history behind the music.

For their spring band concert Myers arranged an add-on percussion ensemble part to one composer’s piece. The composer is very supportive of them exploring a different ending to his work.

Myers gives creative design input to students.  He lets band and choir members pick themes for their shows along with  songs and musical pieces.  He will find music to match the top three themes they’ve chosen.

“We have to keep them interested,” Myers said.

Myers chooses what pieces the concert band performs in the Ratings Festival in Martinsburg for judges.

School, community activities

Myers is very active at the high school.  He is vice-president of the Berkeley Springs High School Faculty Senate and is also a step-up administrator at the high school learning about administration.

Myers is also the chairperson of the Berkeley Springs High School Safety Committee, a member of the Berkeley Springs High School Local School Improvement Committee (LSIC), high school athletic coordinator and high school Social Committee chairperson.  Myers is also the Berkeley Springs High School/Hope Community Church liaison.

Myers has also been the West Virginia State FFA Band Director from 2017-present and Director of an award-winning Marching Band and Choir.

Myers works closely with Whitney Bryan Chapman of “Twist and Turn by Whitney”-a local dance troupe.  Myers does lighting, sound and engineering for their twice a year shows.

Myers has also worked with BlackCat Music Cooperative, who wrote a grant to start the high school guitar program three years ago.  They got the high school 20 guitars for it, he said.

Awards and recognitions

Myers has been Berkeley Springs High School Teacher of the Year twice. He also received the high school Making a Difference Award in 2020.  Myers was recognized as an Outstanding Band Director in the 2018 National Ratings Festival and also at the Marshall University Honor Band in 2017, along with other recognitions.

Myers said he is very honored to be chosen as the Morgan County Teacher of the Year.  It’s all about the students, who are the driving focus.

Myers said he likes to write his own music, go fly fishing with his dad and go on trips with his sister Tia to see Broadway shows.  Myers said he loves this area and noted that “our teachers truly care about our kids and schools.”

He was very pleased that Berkeley Springs High School had three award winners this year-Teacher of the Year, Service Personnel of the Year and First Year Teacher.

“It felt good,” Myers said.

Berkeley Springs High School Principal Mitch Nida said of Myers, “Bob is an aspiring administrator, teacher, and band director.  He is seen at the school at all hours and working in many different capacities.  He volunteers in many ways as well as different leadership positions including Faculty Senate Vice President and Capturing Kid’s Hearts Process Champion.  He consistently supervises classrooms and supports our school needs and initiatives.  Berkeley Springs High School is very thankful to have him on staff.”