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County Social Studies Fair taps winners to move to regionals

Morgan County Schools held its annual County Social Studies Fair on Saturday, February 24, at Warm Springs Middle School.  A total of 47 students from intermediate through high school participated in the event.  The first-place winners in each category and division will compete at the Regional Social Studies Fair at Musselman High School on Saturday, March 16 with a chance to move on to the state fair in April.

Front row, from left: Sarah Bowers, Gwyneth Andrews, Korie Avey, Josephine Pennington, Max Breeden, Cohen Barton, Isabella Culp, Rosalee Allison, Eli Omps.
Middle row, from left: Christopher Hurst, Joah Clegg, Parker Waugh.
Back row, from left: Abigail Close, Kaleigh Coulter, Jeremiah Clark, Jordan Unger, Justus Smith, Murziah Cunningham.

Division I

Individual projects were judged, with the following winners:


1st     Rosalee Allison, Warm Springs Intermediate

2nd    Brysyn Stotler, Warm Springs Intermediate

3rd     Emma Rinker, Warm Springs Intermediate


1st     Max Breeden, Warm Springs Intermediate

2nd    Abram Stotler, Warm Springs Intermediate


1st     Cohen Barton, Warm Springs Intermediate

2nd    Jenna Keefer, Warm Springs Intermediate

3rd     Sydney Leach, Warm Springs Intermediate

Honorable Mention Nathaniel Slifer, Pleasant View Elementary

Political Science

1st     Parker Waugh, Pleasant View Elementary

2nd    Emma Lyda, Warm Springs Intermediate


1st     Josephine Pennington, Warm Springs Intermediate

2nd    Daisy Wagoner, Warm Springs Intermediate


1st     Korie Avey, Warm Springs Intermediate

2nd    Kiersten Punte, Pleasant View Elementary

3rd     Remington Dixon , Warm Springs Intermediate

State & Local Studies

1st     Christopher Hurst            , Pleasant View Elementary

2nd    Evan Orem, Warm Springs Intermediate

U.S. History

1st     Isabella Culp, Warm Springs Intermediate

2nd    Henley Forney, Warm Springs Intermediate

3rd     Raelynn Burress, Warm Springs Intermediate

World History

1st     Eli Omps, Warm Springs Intermediate

2nd    Hailey Whitehead, Warm Springs Intermediate

3rd     Asa Michael, Warm Springs Intermediate

Honorable Mention       Hannah Sullivan, Pleasant View Elementary

Team projects were also judged, with the following winners:

State & Local Studies

1st     Gwyneth Andrews and

Sarah Bowers,  Warm Springs Intermediate

Division II

Individual projects were judged, with the following winners:


3rd     Nova Miller, Warm Springs Middle

State & Local Studies

1st     Abigail Close, Warm Springs Middle

U.S. History

1st     Justus Smith, Paw Paw Schools

2nd    Lutrica Henry, Warm Springs Middle

3rd     Lucy Carter, Paw Paw Schools

Honorable Mention Rebecca Fair,  Warm Springs Middle

Team projects were also judged, with the following winners:

U.S. History

1st     Joah Clegg and Murziah Cunningham,  Paw Paw Schools

2nd    Jaydyn Hess and Peyton Roseman,  Warm Springs Middle

3rd     Ruby Lampson and Shana Stotler, Warm Springs Middle

World History

Honorable Mention Allaysa Coffinberger and Brianna Conrad, Warm Springs Middle

Division III


1st     Kayleigh Coulter, Berkeley Springs High School


2nd    Dawson Snyder, Berkeley Springs High School


1st     Jeremiah Clark, Berkeley Springs High School

U.S. History

2nd    Marissa Kesner, Berkeley Springs High School

World History

1st     Jordan Unger, Berkeley Springs High School

2nd    Circe Powell, Berkeley Springs High School