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University students to exhibit art at Off 70 Studio in Hancock Saturday

Off 70 Studio in Hancock will host a free art exhibit of recent work of the MFA candidates in George Mason’s School of Art on Saturday, February 24 from noon to 2 p.m. The art will be on display in the windows of the downtown Hancock gallery.

Attendees can meet the artists in the pop-up exhibition entitled “Interstitial,” which features a diverse range of practices and media including drawing, sculpture, papermaking, graphic design, and experimental video.

“Interstitial” brings these works out of the studio and locates their resonance in a new space.

“Rather than an endpoint, the brief exhibition becomes a moment in a cycle of moments, the present state of a past idea, the history of a future discovery. Memories are unbound and tethered, bodies are undone and reconstructed, and stories are unmade and reshaped,” said exhibit organizers.

Artists include Chen Bi, whose work explores a complex web of expectations on Asian women: to embody femininity, beauty, gentleness, and quietness; to be obedient daughters and exemplary wives.

Mackenzie Hoffman’s video work investigates the space between sleep and awake, manifesting surreal questions.

Liz Kartchner presents an installation of jars, which embody a collective sense of loss for cherished memories and the instinct to cling to things beyond their time.

Steven Luu’s sculptural work revolves around healing, not only as a concept but as it relates to his experience. Transforming the narrative requires a physical and emotional understanding of materials to pursue self-healing.

Traci Reynolds explores personal mythologies regarding tales of metamorphosis and transformation through paper pulp as it provides the perfect medium for magical topographies.

The event on Saturday is located at 39 West Main Street in Hancock. It is free and open to the public.

For more information contact off70studio@gmail.com.