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Morgan County Schools name winners of County Math Field Day event

Morgan County Schools annual Math Field Day competition was held on Tuesday, January 23, at Warm Springs Middle School for students in grades fourth-eighth from Pleasant View Elementary, Paw Paw Schools, Warm Springs Intermediate, and W arm Springs Middle School. The Math Field Day competition for students in grades ninth-12th was held at Berkeley Springs High School and Paw Paw High School. The students who participated were selected based on their interest and academic achievement in mathematics. This event is very challenging but rewarding for students.

The first, second, and third place winners from Morgan County will compete at the Regional Math Field Day event at Potomac State, on Monday, March 11, with a snow date of Wednesday, March 13. Alternates will fill in for any vacancies that may occur.

The winners are:

Fourth grade

First place: Evan Orem – WSIS, second. Alexander White – PPS, third, Emma Lyda – WSIS, first alternate, Jenna Keefer – WSIS and second alternate, Henley Forney – WSIS.

Fifth grade

First place, Elise Powell – WSIS, second, Zander Johns – WSIS, third, Elias Lyda – WSIS, first alternate, Braden Smith – WSIS and second alternate, Iris Helmick – PPS.

Sixth grade

First place, Bowen Chen – WSMS, second, Madison White – PPS, third, Kayden King – WSMS, first alternate – Lucas Kucharski – WSMS and second alternate, Nathaniel Wiens – WSMS.

Seventh grade

First place, Camorin Stotler – WSMS, second, Brennen Anderton – WSMS, third, Braylon Miller – WSMS, first alternate, Joshua Morgan – WSMS and second alternate, Ruby Lampson – WSMS.

Eighth grade

First place, Oliver Jurick – WSMS, second, Bladyn Younker – WSMS, third, Owen Gray – WSMS, first alternate, Jennings Carder – PPS and second alternate, Katie Corbin – PPS.

Ninth grade

First place, Braden Brinegar – BSHS, second, Austin Gentile – BSHS, third, Malcolm Johns – BSHS, first alternate, Rylee Sauter – BSHS and second alternate, Joselyn Smith – PPHS.

10th-12th grade

First place, Elizabeth Kessel – BSHS, second, Daniel Clark – BSHS, third, Kyle Rankin – BSHS, fourth, Audrey Helmick – BSHS, fifth, Joseph Warren – BSHS, sixth, Justin Brinegar – BSHS, seventh – Lillian Morgan – BSHS, eighth, Alivia Arnold – BSHS, ninth, Lee Sheppard – BSHS, 10th, Clara Payne – BSHS, first alternate, Jillian Fortney – BSHS, second alternate, Andrew Harrold – PPHS and third alternate, Elijah Stevens – BSHS.

Students in grades four- eight participated in activities of estimation before the event began. Those winners received a variety of goodies as prizes.


Fourth and fifth = 2,304- Area (Inches), sixth, seventh and eighth = 14,864.4864- Area (Centimeters)

• Fourth grade – Aubri Paul.

• Fifth grade – Chloe Wills.

• Sixth grade – Lucas Kucharski

• Seventh grade – Braylon Miller

• Eighth grade – Bladyn Younker

Orbeez Water Beads

Fourth and fifth = Container: 497, sixth, seventh and eighth = Pool: 19,992

• Fourth grade – Evan Orem

• Fifth grade – Elise Powell

• Sixth grade – Abby Gentile

• Seventh grade – Payton Swink

• Eighth grade – Abigail Close

Jump Rope: 33ft.

Fourth and fifth = 396 Inches, sixth, seventh, and eighth = 10,058.4 Millimeters

• Fourth grade – Evan Orem

• Fifth grade – Chloe Wills

• Sixth grade – Dominic Fox

• Sevnth grade – Bella Powell

• Eighth grade – Bladyn Younker

Weight (Candies): All in Ounces

Fourth = Goldfish = 27.3 oz., fifth = Pretzels = 26 oz., sixth = Potato Sticks = 15 oz., seventh = Box Popcorn = 54 oz., eighth = Takis Box = 18 oz. (1lb. 2oz.)

• Fourth grade – Henley Forney

• Fifth grade – Christopher Hurst

• Sixth grade – Abby Gentile

• Seventh grade – Brennen Anderton

• Eighth grade – Conner Kendall

Number in Container: Fourth = Tootsie Rolls = 192, fifth = Tootsie Pops = 53, sixth = 5 Candy Mix = 66, seventh= Chocolate Candy Mix = 65, eighth = All Candy Mix = 134.

• Fourth grade – Henley Forney

• Fifth grade – Andee Ross

• Sixth grade – Kayden King

• Seventh grade – Ruby Lampson

• Eighth grade – Owen Gray