Pfeffer chosen for West Virginia All-State Band

by Kate Evans

Berkeley Springs High School senior Mich Pfeffer applied for and has been accepted into the highly prestigious West Virginia All-State Band.

Pfeffer is the Berkeley Springs High School band drum major and  plays flute as her main instrument. High school band director Bob Myers said  Pfeffer auditioned on the flute for the All-State Band and has been playing the instrument for nine years.

Berkeley Springs High School senior Mich Pfeffer was accepted into the very prestigious West Virginia All-State Band.

For her audition Pfeffer had to do prepared scales, two prepared musical pieces that were provided and one piece that she provided.  She also had to play a never-seen-before sight-reading selection, said Myers.

Every state has an All-State Band.  Being accepted to perform in it is the highest, most prestigious honor that a West Virginia music student can achieve.  He noted that 1% of all West Virginia band students apply for and audition for All-State Band. 1% of those who  audition are selected to participate in it.

Students go to one of three locations in West Virginia to audition for All-State Band –either to Shepherdstown, Morgantown or Charleston.  Pfeffer auditioned in Shepherdstown.

Select students are chosen after their auditions to participate in the All-State Band and Concert. Myers said that the All-State Concert will be held at the West Virginia Music Educators Association Conference, which takes place in late February/early March every year.

“It’s a really, really big honor in our world,”  Myers said.

In the music world, it’s the top of the top in achievements for a music student.

Myers said he is ecstatic about Pfeffer being selected for All-State Band.  She is his first All-State Band student in 10 years of him teaching music and is the first All-State Band student that Berkeley Springs High School has had in 23 years.

Berkeley Springs High School student Sam Hopkins was chosen for the West Virginia All-State Band in 2000.

Pfeffer is looking at pursuing musical performance and education in college and is presently considering her college choices, which include Glenville State,  Wesleyan and Shepherd Universities, Myers said.