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Town of Bath to take over Deck the Meters effort downtown

The Berkeley Springs – Morgan County Chamber of Commerce announced on Monday that the downtown holiday “Deck the Meters” festivities will be managed by the Town of Bath this season.

“The Chamber of Commerce has been the proud organizer of the Deck the Meters program for the last six years, a cherished tradition that has brought joy and a welcoming and festive spirit to our community. This year, in collaboration with the Town of Bath, the Chamber has decided to pass the torch to the Town,” said Chamber director Jules Happy Rone in a press release.

“The Chamber is pleased that the Town will continue this tradition and advance the Chamber’s mission to support local businesses this Holiday Season with free customer parking and festive decorations,” the business group said.

Discussions about the duration of the meter-decorating community event began last month when the Chamber approached the Bath council for their approval for another season of the event.

A previous director of the Chamber of Commerce  had kicked off the idea, drawing community groups and businesses in to decorate the downtown parking meters in themed ways, drawing attention to downtown streets during the holiday season.

The Chamber of Commerce compensated the Town of Bath for lost parking revenue during the decoration event.

“The Chamber would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to all those who created and supported this innovative event and devoted countless hours to fashioning artful and creative designs over the last six years.  This event showcases the extraordinary spirit, creativity, and dedication of our community,” Rone said. “We look forward to additional opportunities to support the Town’s efforts to support local businesses and create a festive atmosphere to attract visitors.”

Those interested in the Deck the Meters event can contact the Town of Bath at 304-258-1102 for more information.