One park bridge to be replaced

Two pedestrian bridges in Berkeley Springs State Park over Warm Springs Run have been removed as part of park upgrades. Only one will be replaced.

Park officials confirmed that drawings showing the scope of work in the downtown park call for the southern bridge to be replaced as work continues.

The second bridge, on the northern end of the pool, will not be put back.

Plans show the park sidewalk in that area will extend to Fairfax Street’s sidewalk. Visitors can then follow that sidewalk west and re-enter the park by a set of steps on the western side of Warm Springs Run.

The Morgan Messenger had incorrectly reported that both bridges were to be replaced as part of the project. Park and Streetscape officials confirmed Monday that only one new bridge over the run will be installed by contractors.

A pedestrian bridge that used to cross Warm Springs Run was removed as part of the park improvement project and won’t be coming back.
photo by Kate Shunney