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Back-to-school bash equips students for a new academic year

by Lisa Schauer

In over two hours, 68 community volunteers gave away enough school supplies for 488 students during the annual back-to-school bash held outside Warm Springs Intermediate School on Friday evening, August 11.

Vehicles lined up on Warms Springs Run for the annual back-to-school bash organized by Morgan County Parks and Recreation on Friday, August 11.

“We’re not going to turn anyone away,” said Dawn Beal, Director of Morgan County Parks and Recreation, organizer of the ninth annual free event.

Beal said she also gave away 57 stuffed backpacks throughout the last school year to students who arrive with nothing. Teachers and principals will contact her throughout the year if students are in need of supplies.

Volunteers helped students pick out backpacks at the annual back-to-school bash organized by Morgan County Parks and Recreation.

Vehicles filled with raucous children lined Warm Springs Way past the middle school waiting for their turn. Each student got to choose a backpack and/or a binder, and received glue sticks, pencils, scissors, computer cases and other items.

Volunteers shopped for each student, based on their age, grade, and favorite color. Community organizations including Starting Points, EPIC Head Start, and Life or Drugs provided giveaways and information before each vehicle pulled away.

Donations are accepted year-round. Anyone who was unable to attend the back-to-school bash and still needs school supplies can call or text Dawn Beal at 301-331-8400.