New Bath council members take seats on town committees

by Trish Rudder

The 2023 Bath Town Council — Scott Merki, mayor; Susan Webster, town recorder; councilwomen Elizabeth Skinner, Rebecca MacLeod and Mary Lynn Hickey and councilmen Tom Hall and Greg Schene – have been assigned by Mayor Merki to act as committee chairs or to serve as committee members beginning July 1.

The Finance Committee continues to be chaired by Town Recorder Susan Webster with members Greg Schene and Mary Lynn Hickey.

The Planning Commission members, led by Larry Landon, are David O’Connell, Steve Keith and Elizabeth Skinner.

Public Safety is chaired by Mayor Scott Merki with members Greg Schene and Elizabeth Skinner.

Public Works is chaired by Rebecca MacLeod with member Tom Hall and Scott Merki.

The Tree Board’s tree steward is Lance Strait, and that committee is chaired by former Bath councilman Andrew Swaim, and with members Kate Lehman and council members Rebecca MacLeod and Tom Hall.

Berkeley Springs Water Works, the town-owned water department, is chaired by Tom Hall with members Rebecca MacLeod and Scott Merki.

The town’s Ordinance committee is chaired by Greg Schene with members Mary Lynn Hickey and Susan Webster.

The Cemetery Committee/Corporation president is Elizabeth Skinner with members Rebecca MacLeod and Tom Hall.

The Grant committee is led by Mary Lynn Hickey with members Elizabeth Skinner and Scott Merki.

Streetscape continues to be led by Rebecca MacLeod and Pete Brown, both co-chairs of the committee.

The Bath Development Authority (BDA) continues to be led by Alisa Stine. Councilman Greg Schene is a member.

The Historic Landmarks Commission is led by John Mason with members Ryan Rebant, Joyce Jones, Zachary Salman and Steve Harmison. Councilwoman Elizabeth Skinner is the town’s representee, as of July 1, 2023.

Mayor Merki said on July 11 that these assignments may shift.

Committees meet according to their own schedule. Contact Town Hall at 304-258-1102 to find out when a particular committee meets. All council and committee meetings are open to the public.