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DNR won’t go forward with any current RV proposals at Cacapon, seeks input on future plans

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) has said they won’t go forward with any of the three private proposals to add RV camping to Cacapon State Park’s offerings right now.  The DNR issued a statement on Friday, April 21 that the agency, which oversees West Virginia State Parks, has posted an online survey asking what should be next for Cacapon State Park’s development.

“West Virginia has made historic investments in our parks system in recent years. With more than $150 million in improvements already, state leaders are hoping to continue to expand recreational opportunities around the state. Cacapon has seen a great deal of investment with the recent completion of the $25 million lodge and a new $3.5 million bike park expansion coming soon, and we’re looking to do even more,” said West Virginia Department Commerce Secretary James Bailey, who oversees the WVDNR. “It’s important to our team that we make sure the amenities we are building are ones that residents and visitors alike will enjoy.  For that reason, we are now turning to West Virginians, and all those who love our parks, to tell us how we can expand recreational opportunities at this beloved park and beyond.”

Officials noted that Cacapon is one of only 15 parks in the state park system without camping facilities. Cacapon does have several canvas tent “glamping” sites on top of Cacapon Mountain, operated by the private vendor Tentrr.

“With a drastic increase in the popularity of camping in recent years, the WVDNR is working on developing a plan to add camping facilities to the park,” said Bailey in the Friday press release.

“We’re proud of the improvements we’ve made in our parks in recent years and we look forward to working with community members and stakeholders to ensure this next phase of improvements are as well received as the last $25 million invested at Cacapon,” Bailey said.

The DNR is seeking public input through their online survey, which will be open for 30 days.

“As a result of the decision to seek further public input, none of the proposals for camping facilities received in response to the WVDNR’s December 2022 request for proposals will be selected for implementation. The WVDNR will consider future projects in light of the public comments received,” the agency said.

The DNR and several executive branch agencies have received feedback from Cacapon State Park users and supporters about the RV campground proposals. Many groups have expressed concern that a large-scale RV campground development would change the natural character of the park, have heavy environmental impacts and cause traffic and noise disturbances.

Cacapon State Park’s upper lake.