Landmarks Commission focuses on educating public to show historic value

by Trish Rudder

Bath’s Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC) president, John Mason, told the Bath Town Council that commission member Zack Salman has prepared a draft pamphlet design of the “Historic Architecture of Berkeley Springs” that will be printed to make it available to the public.

The tri-fold pamphlet will show different styles of architecture in town and examples of the buildings like the ones in the Vernacular style at 92 Union Street and 157 Congress Street. They are examples of “Vernacular hall-and-parlor I-houses,” Salman wrote.

The pamphlet includes architecture style examples of Neoclassical, Picturesque Victorian, Industrial, Minimal Traditional and Craftsman Bungalows.

Also shown in the pamphlet are historic buildings that were destroyed by fire or demolished.

At the February 21 council meeting, Mason said he submitted a Historic Landmarks Commission application to the town to receive funding from the Hotel/Motel tax revenues to cover the pamphlet printing costs.

Mason also said member Ryan Rebant wants the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) training that was given to Landmarks Commission members be offered to the public.

These efforts by the Commission are to bring attention of the town’s historic value to the public.

The next HLC meeting will be held on April 20 at 2 p.m. at the Bath Town Hall on Wilkes Street.