Morgan County Saddle Club hosts annual awards banquet

by Lisa Schauer

The Morgan County Saddle Club held its annual awards banquet at the American Legion Post 60 in Berkeley Springs on Saturday, January 14.

The banquet included an awards ceremony, induction of officers, door prizes, a light display, dinner and dancing.

Inducted as the saddle club’s slate of officers for 2023 are president Steven Divelbiss; vice president Benny Hummel; treasurer Chad Walker; assistant treasurer Bev Hummel; secretary Mary Branson; and assistant secretary Dawn Hummel.

Saddle Club photo

Morgan County Saddle Club’s points and placings awarded for the year ending 2022 are as follows:

Ponies Class:

Willow Kemp- 108- first place

Mckenzie Spoonire- 71- second

Sam Buskirk- 62- third

Josie Clark- 33- fourth

Jocelyn Anderson- 30 – fifth.

Emma Ewing- 23
Madlyn Nester- 20
Briar Conner- 19
Aiden Beard- 5
Mason Schmidt-1 Peewees Division:
“Tater” Elizabeth Emmerick- 130- first place

Creede Cox- 96 – second

Morgan Miller 82- third

Lizzy Roderick-68- fourth

Envy Light- 68- fourth

Elsa Pickens- 56- fifth.

Kendall N- 52
Mekenna Grace-25
Paige Unger-25
Ava Kain-20
Christa Alasken- 8
Reiley Micheal-4
Alexis Cole-2
Loriah Yohe- 0
Aubree Ann- 0

Lead-line Division: (All lead-line riders received a trophy for their participation.) Evelyn- 87- first place, Abigail Henderkson- 37- second, Kinsley Neely- 30- third, Blaine Patter- 28- fourth, “Bubs” Emmerick – 28- fourth and “Lil Bill” Kayden Avallone- 25-fifth.

Aubrey Plume-24
Regan Schmidt-20
Annie Hardin- 13
Willa Mencer-6
Ruthie Clark-0
Men’s Class:
Matthew Luck
Women’s Division:
Jo Daley- 110- first place,

Mary Branson- 86- second, Faith Baker-79- third, Amber Neely- 54- fourth and Laura Gibson- 25- fifth.

Linzi Foore-24
Dawn Hummel- 23

Bonnie Weicht- 23

Julie Miller-15

Laykin Skiles-13

Erika Unger- 11

Alexis Hendrickson-8

Beki Keifer-8
Sam Leach- 3
Tracey Beard- 2
Ann Johnson-1
Lisa Garcia-0 Amanda Platter-0
Faith Fox-0

Juniors Division: Mekenzie Kiser- 122- first place, Olivia Dietrich-106- second, Shelby Johnson- 93- third, Brooklyn Yost- 85- fourth and Tori Crow- 52- fifth.

Khole Unger-26
Brylee Hill-17
Hailey Emmerick-13
Mekyla Price-13
Riley Yost- 10
Henry Pickens-6
Teirra Mimnall-6
Makayla Thomas- 1

Jackpot Barrels Division:

Division 1D:
Amber Neeley- 18 – first place

Bonnie Weicht- 4-second

Mckenzie Kiser- 3-third.

Jackpot Barrels Division: Division 2D:

Dawn Hummel-5- first place

Mary Branson-5-first

Mekenzie Kiser-5- first.

Jackpot Barrels Division: Division 3D:

Mary Branson- 14- first place

Dawn Hummerl- 14-first.

Jackpot Poles Division: 1D Division:

Mary Branson-5-first place

Linzi Foore-5-first

Mackenzie Kisner-5-first

Dawn Hummel-4- second.

Jackpot Poles Division: 2D Division:

Mackenzie Kisner- 10- first place,

Mary Branson- 5- second,

Olivia Detrich- 4- third

Dawn Hummel- 4- third.