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Christmases at the Park View Inn

 Christmas cards sent out each year from The Harmison’s, owners of the Park View Inn (now The Country Inn) are part of a local resident’s collection, which they shared with The Morgan Messenger. The Inn was famed for its holiday decorations and parties, and for its delicious food. Each card is a look into the past of Berkeley Springs inn-keeping.

A collage of Christmas scenes from the Park View Inn was sent out to friends and associates as a Season’s Greeting. Jenny Harmison, innkeeper, is shown at the top with Santa Claus.
Jennie Harmison sent this snow-filled photo card out to her Christmas card list from the Park View Inn in years past.
Shiny decorations, stockings and a cozy fire at the Park View Inn was the scene for this Christmas card from Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harmison.
Across a field of white, the Park View Inn looked like the classic country inn in this Christmas card greeting from Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harmison.
A snowy view from the southern end of The Park View Inn was one year’s Christmas greeting background.