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Hunter encounters tangled-up buck

Local deer hunter Danae McBee had an unusual buck story from this year’s rifle season, which she shared with The Morgan Messenger. Her photos show up close what she first noticed while watching nearby fields and woods.

November 29, 2022

I always watch for wildlife out my window and this day I thought I saw a blue plastic bag flopping out in the breeze. After a minute I realized it was a deer and I still thought it was a bag stuck in its antlers.

I grabbed my gun and went to get a closer look. It looked like a huge rack and when I got a clear shot, I took it.

When I loaded him up on my truck, I could see it was something other than a plastic bag and his rack wasn’t as big as I imagined, because sticks were wound up in the plastic. Not until we cut around the head did we realize what a predicament he was in. Fibers were cutting into his neck, causing a lot of pain. It was only a 5 point and the fibers were bailing twine they use on round bales. Either he got into a bale of hay or just discarded twine…

 Danae McBee’s photo of a buck she took during rifle season. Up close, she could see the deer had gotten tangled up in baling twine, which was cutting into his throat and ears.
From far away, McBee thought what she was seeing was a blue bag wrapped around the buck’s antlers. It was a tight tangle of baling twine.

photos by Danae McBee