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West Virginia’s in-person early voting period begins October 26

In-person early voting throughout West Virginia will begin Wednesday, October 26. Early voting will be available to eligible voters for 10 days.

All 55 counties offer early voting for those eligible voters wanting to cast a ballot in person prior to Election Day. A registered voter can vote early at any early voting location in their county.

Early voting runs from October 26 thru Saturday, November 5. The county courthouse or its annex in each county serves as an early voting location. Many of the state’s counties also offer additional community voting locations.

A complete list of community voting locations can be found at GoVoteWV.com, viewed on the Interactive Map for Voting Precincts and Districts at GoVoteWV.com, or by calling the local county clerk’s office.

During weekdays, early voting will take place at the same time that the county’s courthouse is open. On Saturdays, early voting locations will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner encourages voters to check their registration status at GoVoteWV.com and contact their county clerk with any questions before they go to vote. In addition, he encourages citizens to be educated voters before they cast a ballot. Sample Ballots for the November 8 General Election can be found at GoVoteWV.com.

The General Election ballot also includes four constitutional amendments for voters to consider. A summary and full text of each amendment can also be found at GoVoteWV.com.

“The General Election is upon us, and thousands of registered West Virginia voters will vote early,” Warner said. “We ask citizens to be mindful of our election laws and to report any irregularities that they may see or experience.”

Citizens are also asked to report any possible irregularities or election fraud directly to the WV Secretary of State’s Office or their County Clerk. Citizens can call 877-FRAUD-WV to make a report. They can also participate in the WVSOS “See Something, TEXT Something!” initiative. This allows a citizen to take a photo of a potential violation and text it directly to our investigations unit. To use the text-to-report technology, text “WV” to 45995.