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“Sound of Science” magic show entertains & teaches sound fundamentals

by Kate Evans

Magician David Hagerman astounded Morgan County students with his “Sound of Science”  comedy and magic show last week, and continues to engage students this week. The show  demonstrates basic and advanced sound concepts in a fun and humorous fashion through hands-on experiments and audience participation.

Hagerman performed his show at Paw Paw Schools on October 5 and Widmyer Elementary and Warm Springs Intermediate School on October 6. Other shows will happen this week at Berkeley Springs High School on October 11 and Warm Springs Middle School and Pleasant View Elementary on October 12.

Hagerman’s Wednesday, October 12 evening community “Sound of Science” show is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Ice House.

Hagerman’s science shows at all Morgan County Schools are sponsored by the Morgan Arts Council (MAC) Adopt-a-School program.

Hagerman the Magician has combined his love of magic and science as a magician and has been performing for schools across the country since 1994.  His other school shows include Math-a-Magic and Extreme Science. MAC brought Extreme Science to Morgan County Schools several years back.

Hagerman has also performed at fairs, festivals, theme parks, vaudeville shows, businesses and theaters across the United States for decades.

At an October 6 Warm Springs Intermediate School Sound of Science show, Hagerman clowned around and captivated kids while sharing the  scientific sound fundamentals behind his demonstrations.

Hagerman hammed it up while using devices like an electronic keyboard, tuning forks, an oscilloscope, a mega phone, a Slinky, a microphone, an emergency boat horn and a stethoscope to teach kids about sound intensity and volume, frequency, sound waves, vibration, amplification, pitch,  sound tone quality and more. He engaged students with his wit, lots of laughs and his scientific knowledge.

Kids also learned about wave lengths, harmony and how sound is made, changed and measured. Hagerman’s sister Laura helped at times with demonstrations and several students from the audience were asked to assist in the fun.

Hagerman talked about the speed of sound and demonstrated breaking the sound barrier with a bull whip.   He also played a theremin, an instrument that is performed without any physical contact. Hagerman had lightning magically shooting from his Tesla coil from the music as his show’s finale.  Some of the lightning arcs were nearly three foot long.

Hagerman said previously that he was always interested in science and became interested in magic as a child.  Hagerman got out books from the library and learned the science behind the magic tricks and how and why they worked it.

Hagerman loves to engage and excite students about science and encourages kids to consider pursuing science as a career.

At Warm Springs Intermediate School, a student helps Hagerman the Magician with a balloon trick during his Sound of Silence show. The Morgan Arts Council sponsored his Adopt-a-School program that was featured in all county schools.
Hagerman the Magician juggles while his music produces lightning on his Tesla coil during his Sound of Science show at Warm Springs Intermediate School. Hagerman’s evening community show is scheduled for Wednesday, October 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Ice House. Hagerman’s school and Ice House performances are sponsored by the Morgan Arts Council.