Sherry Stafford-Loibl

Sherry Stafford-Loibl

Wednesday morning, April 27, 2022, Sherry was afflicted with a major aneurysm.

Life left her so quickly that it did not cause a tremor or a shake significant enough to make the lengthly ash on her lit cigarette drop. Intervention, (with magnificent assistance and guidance from the 911 operator) made it possible for me to keep her heart pumping until the great rescue team arrived and took over.

She was carried to Winchester Hospital for continued expert care, thence flown by a fabulous flight crew to Inova Fairfax for more stellar treatment. Medical machinations were ended a few days later after the determination was made that she had no brain activity and the plug was then pulled, the lever was thrown and Sherry was pronounced officially dead.

She now joins her deceased husband, Bern Loibl, whom cancer took from her years ago.

Sherry leaves behind a son, a daughter, four grandchildren and a bunch of friends, in-laws and outlaws across the country and even around the world.

Sherry returned to me two nights after she left to show me, in an incomprehensible calm, glowing softly and serenely, that she was somehow healthier than before, silent yet telling me that she was okay. Her smile lay gently, majestically yet humbly on her lips enhancing her indescribable beauty and I lunged to pull her to me. Then she was gone like a light switched off, like a puff of smoke in the wind. She is gone.

John Haske, me, her best and most trusted friend and her lover and fiance, ask that if you are so inclined, please do not send flowers as I abruptly find myself caring for house plants and animals like I have not done before. If you wish to give you can place it in the black bucket on the front porch of 1240 Winchester Grade Road, her home and mine. I will carry the gifts to the animal shelter on 522 South and make the donation in her name.

Take care, love richly, she can leave you faster than you can jump to save her.