School News

Daniels is new Widmyer Elementary Assistant Principal

by Kate Evans

A special education teacher with more than 17 years experience in Berkeley County has been hired as the Assistant Principal of Widmyer Elementary, the county’s largest primary school.

Mylissa Daniels was hired and her tenure began July 26. The Morgan County School Board approved her hire at their August 2 meeting.  Longtime Widmyer Assistant Principal Ginnie Molnar resigned effective June 27.

Daniels has worked in Berkeley County Schools as a special education teacher for 17 years. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s of Arts Degree in Early Intervention (Special Education), both from West Virginia University, along with a Master’s of Arts in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University.

As a special education/early intervention teacher in Berkeley County, Daniels worked with kids who were coming out of the West Virginia Birth to Three program until they were in kindergarten.

Before her time at Berkeley County Schools, Daniels worked for three years at the Children’s Home Society and also at several child care centers. She  was an early education trainer at MountainHeart and also served as director of a Martinsburg child care center, the Mustard Seed.

Daniels said she is very excited to be coming on board as the new Widmyer Elementary Assistant Principal and starting her career in Morgan County.  She brings patience, knowledge of positive behavior supports and deep understanding as a parent to her new job.

Daniels’ daughter is an art teacher in Berkeley County Schools.  Daniels also has a 10-year-old son. He was first her student that she fostered for 3-4 years and then adopted.

Daniels also had a child with epilepsy who died of a seizure in their sleep at age five, around 12 years ago.  Having special needs children along with experiencing a personal loss has deepened her advocacy for parents and children.

“It’s my journey.  The story is part of who I am,” Daniels said.

Daniels said that Morgan County is very personable and that she feels right at home interacting with Morgan County staff and people.  Daniels feels that she’s on the same page with others about relationships with families and children.

Daniels said for the last two years as an early interventionist she led observations, made recommendations and made reports.  She has a lot of experience and resources from working with youth at risk from ages 7-17 and was a strong support for many kids with difficulties.

Working with children is her passion and her heart goes out to kids who struggle in the education system, Daniels said. She has worked with children for the past 32 years and her “passion for students and families hasn’t wavered,” she noted.

Widmyer Elementary Principal Rhett Beckman said his school is very excited to have Daniels join them.  She has 17 years pre-kindergarten and special education experience and a positive outlook on things.  Beckman said he is excited to see what he and Daniels can do as a team for Widmyer students and families.